Along my journey of learning, I have found many very inspiring resources. Here are just a few. 

The Transition Towns Network co-founder Rob Hopkins wrote a book called 'From What Is To What If' . He explains what happens to us when our brains are put under enormous stress and strain, that it kills our imaginations. He has gathered people together to talk about their visioning for the future. Very, very inspiring, and happy stuff! Click here to go to this website. And buy his book, or see if your library has it. Sign up to his podcast. This particular video had a profound effect on me. 

I studied Economics in school, and the fundamental principal is endless growth, that's what we are taught. Kate shows us that an economy based within the planetary boundaries, not only works, but it brings communities together. Her book is excellent, really uplifting. Economics doesn't have to be suits and made complicated. Click here to take you to her website.

Anything David Graeber

Tragically , we lost David Graeber last year. His passing was felt around the world, David was (and still is, because his videos and writings are still thankfully with us), an Anthropologist, which is someone who studies humans. Endearing, warm, and charming. A great loss.

As mentioned previously, The Parliament Project offer invaluable advice to women on making that first step. Their website has all the information you need to navigate what you want to do. Nationally, the figure for Women in leadership roles stands at about 30%. This still isn't equal. With the Flatpack Democracy essentially feminising the way community decisions are made, making it less formidable for women to step forward, and the Environment and communities being at the forefront of many womens concerns, we can only see this improving now. Click here for their website. 

Stop Ecocide was founded by an Earth Lawyer called Polly Higgins. The fundamental principal is 'Do no Harm' . Right now, polluters are extracting oil because it is not illegal. The Law as it currently stands, does not protect the Earth. Polly's vision for this was to change International Law to make destroying illegal. Sign up to become an Earth Protector, to help make this possible more quickly, and to support this really vital change that is needed. Any age can sign up, and it costs about a fiver. By signing up, you become an Earth Protector. Click here for the website, sign up, and ask your friends to sign up too. The more people sign up, the more support you are giving to make this most important change happen fast. Click here for the website. 

Started up by my great friend Holly Maslen, this has been a huge success on the Isle of Wight. It works on a very simple premise, which is in collecting and giving away surplus seeds and seedlings, and if you have a glut of something that you have no need for, then give it away. Holly started this because of the vast amount of plastic that we have in our supermarkets , and the feeling is that if you can grow it, then don't buy it. No money is involved, and plant swaps often happen too. It has been a very successful, and (literally) growing movement on the Island. Click here for more information. 


Creativity has been stifled so much over the decades. The big money in the corporate world of the Arts goes to the art dealers. I'm an artist and a firm believer that art changes culture. Look around you - uniform houses, uniform cars, branded clothing. None of us are the same, yet we colour ourselves the same. All matching. 

So let's be joyous, and enjoy the colours that we all share.