• Julie Hutchison

Ventnor Town Council

I knew that after my campaign where I went to Newport High Street to talk to people, I'd have to run. I was full of apprehension... not knowing protocols, etc. But like everything, if you want to effect change then sometimes you've just got to do it.

I was elected in May and we got straight into council meetings without really getting to one another first. As time has gone on, I've gotten to know the councillors, we have some great members serving their community who deeply care for the welfare of residents.

I'm still learning, but a good piece of advice that was given to me that as a councillor, you can do as much or as little as you want. There are no limits on what you do. I am , by nature, one of these people who just gets on and does the work, and I am learning now to do the work, get feedback, and then do it.

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