• Julie Hutchison

Ventnor Poo Poster Competition

What started out as complaints about dog mes in Ventnor turned into a community art project.

The Deputy Mayor spoke at a Town Council meeting and had proposed that the shops in Ventnor all displayed very instructional posters about cleaning up after their dogs. It was a suggested that a working group be formed and because I'm an artist, and this project is creative, I was asked to join.

On my way home I thought it would be good to get the community involved with the thinking that if the community are involved more, then it will go a good way into tackling the issue. So I suggested that we run a poster competition for the children of Ventnor so that we could have some colour and humour... in my experience, children like talking about poo.

So I made the competition poster and sent it out to all schools in the area. I made it rhyme with the hope that some words would fire up some imagination, and it did!

The posters went up in shop windows and all around town. The Deputy Mayoress managed to secure ice cream vouchers for the winners. I phoned up the National Poo Museum and asked if they would judge the competition entries which they did, giving lots of encouraging feedback.

All of the posters were printed up and put into a window display for Ventnor Fringe week. I made certificates and a natty little trophy for the winner. Sadly I was unable to attend the award ceremony, but the day went really well, the children were happy and Ventnor benefitted from having some wonderfully creative posters.

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