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Sticker Charts

I tend to plough on and just do things. It's something I'm learning to rein in a little , in that I will wait and ask for feedback now before ploughing on. I've no idea where the energy comes from, most of the time my B12 levels are very low, but I'm driven for my community.

So Ventnor Day then! Ventnor day was organised by Ventnor Town Council and held in the park. It was very well publicised, with lots of stalls selling items, lots of charities and community groups, lots of awareness campaigns.

There was a Ventnor Town Council tent , set on a rather jaunty slope I might add, where Town Councillors were and people could come and chat. I felt it a good opportunity to create some sticker charts, to get some public feedback on what people wanted to see more of, and to have a space for suggestions.

I made 4 of the charts - all the same, but placed all around Ventnor, laid down on the ground and weighted down by stones. They were made with wallpaper lining paper, and I bought some stickers to be used with them. I just wanted to get the ball rolling on public interaction, to see how it would go. The instructions were simple - to take 3 stickers, and to vote for what 3 things you would like to see more of in Ventnor. The options I'd added were;

More trees

Protecting wildlife

Activities for children, teenagers, adults and seniors

Growing spaces for food

Regular market

Regular car boot

Help services (substance misuse, citizens advice)

What was interesting was that the results were pretty much the same across each sheet.

Top 3 answers were; More trees, protecting wildlife and Regular Markets.

Of the 4 age brackets, teenagers wanted more to do.

What was heartening was to see the response from people that they were able to partake in this. There was a man outside the park in raptures, he was pretty much singing about how great he thought it was.

With that kind of feedback, from a tester sticker chart, it kind of spurs you on to do a lot more.

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