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Climate and Biodiversity group

As I'd mentioned in a previous post, it took a while for me to learn how the Town Council works. The Mayor had decided from the outset that to form a more productive council, he felt it necessary to introduce working groups to work on projects, and this has worked.

He suggested to me that I might like to propose a motion to form a Climate and Biodiversity working group and I immediately got to work on the wording. On 12th July, I put this forwards towards full council and it was passed unanimously.

This is a group that forms once a month, to work on initiatives.

The first meeting we had was to talk about our own interests. This was especially useful, to talk about what experience we each have and what we can contribute.

From then, we have a set order to talk about at every meeting, and those are;

1. Audit

2. Buildings

3. Food

4. Waste

5. Transport

6. Biodiversity

We are still relatively new, it takes time to get things moving and to work out a workflow and a pattern that works for everyone. And whilst this is new, we understand that if something isn't working, then it can be changed.

Climate emergency paper
Download PDF • 27KB

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