How many times have you walked into the voting booth and thought:

I don't know any of these people!

IsleVote21 gives everyone a level platform to become a councillor for their local area. The IsleVote21 model is simple to organise by volunteers. 

It is run by the Voters, for the Voters.

Anyone and everyone is invited to submit their questions to potential candidates.

Each candidate will be invited to an online meeting, there will be one meeting for each area being represented. 

These will be between an hour and an hour and a half depending on the number of candidates for each seat, questions will test candidates on their commitment, competence and vision.


There will not be any debating.


All candidates will be invited to make a short introduction and a chance to wrap up after the questions.

IsleVote21 does not affiliate itself with any political party. Local people who care about their communities are encouraged to stand. 

IsleVote21 gives equal opportunity for anyone with any background to stand as a prospective councillor. 

IsleVote21 is utterly Covid safe

All 39 videos will be available to view from the same date, so that voters can hear for themselves who wants to run in their area. All that's left then is to vote for who you think represents you best. 

To see the videos produced, check out their Youtube page to see how it works.