On Sunday 28th March 2021, I started on a painting. I'd sketched it out, and it was going to be called 'Let your imagination ROAR'. I wanted for people to feel inspired to step up to be a councillor, to make changes in their local communities , to be changemakers for the good of everyone.


If you have found this website from a link, then read the 'my story' page. 

I started to paint, and she ended up looking like Dawn French. Now, I totally love Dawn French, but I didn't want this piece to be about Dawn French. 

I got really cross with myself, and thought I'd paint over it and start again. But something about how it changed the painting made me stop and made me look at the whole issue that I'm looking at. When we don't have diversity in our councils chambers and on our town and parish councils, then our voices are not being heard. 

A friend of mine said she found the painting chilling. She recommended that the Womens Refuge see it. And I thought, well, that's the status quo.

I thought about the conversation I'd had with a complete stranger, a woman called Debbie. I met Debbie the day I filmed my videos, up on the Downs.She thought I'd been up there painting, because I was unusually walking about with a chair and some cardboard. I explained this website, and talked about equality and diversity. And she understood what I was saying. She started to tell me her story, that 

she'd been in an abusive relationship with her first Husband. She tried to leave him. That she went to the council, and to the police, to ask for help. She had a young daughter. She was told that if she left then she would be making herself homeless, and that they couldn't help her. She was trapped. 


So Debbie and I went for a walk to County Hall.

Sometimes in life, accidents happen, paths cross.  The modern world we live in is so driven to perfection that we don't take our journey into consideration. I'm naturally a story teller - when I try to explain life to my children, I do it through stories, because we can all relate to stories, it's a part of being a Human. And I love it, because then you engage in conversation, and you hear another point of view, or you learn new stories. Our rich tapestry that is life. 

So after that mention about the Women's Refuge, Dawn became Debbie. 

Now believe me, being caught outside County Hall with a pot of Neon pink paint right now isn't the done thing.


Environmental activists from Burning Pink have been throwing pink paint at buildings because they are at their wits end about the lack of action that has been taken by Government. I've never been arrested before, the thought of it frightens me.


They've been brave enough to glue themselves into court and tell the judges that they're ignoring the science, that they're not acting on behalf of the people. So I thought ... painting a picture. I have the right to freedom of expression. A very, very important right. 

Lets' make a better future happen now. 

If you have been inspired by what you have read, and you want to change the way councils are run, then consider standing! If not you, then who. If not now, then when? This website is full of ideas and support. 

The video on the Flatpack Explained page shows how it has worked for Frome. 

I made this artwork as a free download on this site, it will be made available again for future election campaigns, with bits added. Women just need to feel empowered and supported to make changes. now. 

Thank you SO MUCH for your time in reading this story today. You could be part of a big change that makes everyone happier. I can't guarantee the future, but if it involves equality and understanding, then that for me is the biggest step in the right direction x