Women, Diversity and Equality Hold the Key. 


I was in the Council chamber the day that the IW Council declared a climate emergency. A few things shocked me that day. The first was that there were only 6 women councillors in the chamber. Our chamber is not diverse in age, ethnicity, gender, disability.

There was one authoritative voice that day, moving the critical vote along, and that voice belonged to Julie Jones-Evans. Her tone was serious and assertive. All 6 women voted in favour of that motion. 


How can we have a functioning council without diversity? The population of the Island is about 52% women. 1/3rd of the population is of pensionable age or over. 

I understand that the council chamber has a toxic reputation. But there is now a different way of really benefiting our communities that doesn’t feel like politics at all. It feels healthy, nurturing, understanding, compassionate and kind. It's all about communities making decisions that affect us collectively. We can change our futures now. 

What I'm addressing here is the status quo.

This website is all about reaching equality, about support, and about getting the right people elected, people who care. 


With violence against women very much in the media attention, it's perhaps frightening for women to step up. But I've been out there talking to people. My intention was to talk to women, but it was the gentlemen who were incredibly supportive. Men want women to be leaders, they want equality. I also talk about this in my video below. This video was made before the May2021 election. 

The last few years have been filled with serendipity, meeting new people that have led to really important friendships. I've had many deep and truthful conversations with so many different people;

with teachers, who don't feel that the curriculum they are currently delivering is adequately preparing our children for their futures

with Police Officers, who have left their jobs because they no longer had time to spend in their communities

with foodbank workers, knowing how our communities

have been affected over the years

with regenerative agriculturalists, with specialists in energy, with conservationists.


They've all been watching what's happening in our environments. All of these people are in our communities.

I'm constantly bombarded with ideas from lots of different people. 

I am part of lots of environment campaign groups, and the one common factor, in my experience, is women. Many women do lots of tasks in these groups. 


Lots of women are active in environmental and social issues

Screenshot 2021-02-24 at 15.20.20.png

I do all of this for my children, lots of people feel the same as me. It’s our duty to prepare for our collective futures now. By putting into place shared community spaces, allotments, community composting, growing food, local markets, support groups, whatever is needed in our own communities, we are creating a stronger future for our children. We are also learning together, sharing knowledge and making new friendships.


We have the chance to change our collective futures right now. Take your time with this website. Climate change can feel debilitating. But we have a chance now. We have to do this.